by Christa Wilcox

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released March 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Christa Wilcox Baltimore, Maryland

just your average
girl creating some jams...

...and preserves

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Track Name: Deeply
I feel things too deeply
And nothing will ever fade
Like working at the bowling alley
Or the sound of my own name
Seeing slugs on my sidewalk
Or missing my old car
The fact that easter island scares me
Or a new cast on my arm
I feel things too deeply
That's who I am
I love too strongly
At my own expense
But I don't want my memories
To ever fade
I want to remember
Everybody's name
Like KC Boy my first cat
Or Haley down the street
Going to the bank with my dad
Or getting Krispy Kream
Donutes and hot chocolate
Before school
I don't want my memory
To ever soften you.
Track Name: Dark Clouds (2)
I remember
When I was cold
In the snow
In the snow

We drove along
To the house
In the clouds
Dark all around
Track Name: Have a nice trip. See you next fall.
It's fall again
And I don't know if I feel the same
The way I used to
When I was young
In the backyard
On a weekday afternoon
I dream of you
Oh no
And I remember
Looking at the trees
In my backyard
It's hard forever knowing
The world was just beyond them
And I didn't know
Track Name: I Wish I Could Kiss You On The Moon (Spit in My Mouth)
I wanna love you until I'm sick
I want you to love me just like a trick
I wanna ask you to spit in my mouth
I wanna know if you want to makeout

You're like a cold stethoscope
On my chest
You give me familiar chills
Down my back
And as soon as I'm warm
You fade
Not a single force on this earth
Could make you stay

I wish I could go back and relive
Every single fucking time that we've kissed
Like in your bed, or in my car, or in my room
Outside, or on the metro, or on the moon
Track Name: Ode to Little MomMom
We went to visit you today
There wasn't much that you could say
But I think you knew I was there
Sitting there with you in my chair
You looked so beautiful
I could've sworn the moon was full

Of love

You said "I love you and god bless you"
You said he'd keep me in his care
I held your hand and blew you kisses
I ran my fingers through your hair

But now you're gone
So long
Track Name: Perfect In The Nude
We kissed under your floral bedsheets
You laughed at me in the passengers seat
I really liked the revolving door
We got slushies from the convenient store

And you stole my heart
Right from the start

The firealarm got us out of bed
You kissed me on my head
You only like bees in theory
You entered my reality

You cooked me food
And you're perfect in the nude
Track Name: Television (2)
I can't watch
T.V. by myself
You're too lost
In being someone else

And I am gunna go
Before you get to know

Every little secret I never told you
Track Name: Trainwreck Raincheck
I wanna raincheck
For the trainwreck

I wanna raincheck
For the trainwreck

I wanna trainwreck raincheck
I wanna get in bead and watch Shrek
I wanna big black crew-neck
I'm gunna climb aboard the poop deck
I'm gunna become high tech
And I wanna get my paycheck
Cause I'm gunna buy a tape deck

I wanna raincheck
On the trainwreck